Jakob Hausmann

We are now talking about a professional of the kitchen, passionate about transforming the gifts of nature into excellent dishes, that he passes on to others.

It's Chef Jakob Hausmann, a master in culinary arts!

Jakob Hausmann was born in Steckborn, Switzerland and graduated his hometown cooking school. Over the years, he obtained numerous diplomas in the culinary arts, including 2 diplomas in molecular cooking, in Switzerland.

He is a Member of Eurotoques – European Community of Chefs and also a Honorary Adviser – Confrérie of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs – World Gastronomy Association – Graubuenden – Switzerland. In 2013 he won the Silver Medal with the Romanian regional team at the World Culinary Salon – Basel.

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His passion for cooking and his multiple specializations, including one in molecular gastronomy and another one in fusion cuisine, have brought him numerous awards, but his favorite is “Distinction for culinary art – Mihai Eminescu”, through which he was awarded for his entire activity.



He encourages the simple values, ​​that we are constantly moving away each day.  The tasty food and the joy of eating it with the beloved ones, must be constant in our lives, for everyone.

Returning to tradition, going to the market, using local, seasonal ingredients, instead of those imported from overseas and countries.


Mica Elveție

#Mica Elveție,

mark of quality in gastronomy, is his soul project. Started more than 20 years ago, there is a whole universe full of ideas, tastes, flavors and a lot of passion for cooking, which have given and continue to give birth to perfect gastronomic experiences.


Blue Gourmet

Starting with 2020, #MicaElveție and its creator, Chef Jakob Hausmann, have moved to a new level of activity – high quality catering with seasonal menus, created especially for Blue Air airline – BlueGourmet.


gastronomic advices

He constantly holds cooking demonstrations for those who are passionate about new culinary techniques, offering specialized support and gastronomic advice for restaurants and hotels at the beginning of their culinary trip.



At the same time, being an innovator in gastronomy, he managed through his company, Hausmann World, to become a representative in Romania for modern cooking equipments and cooking tool, “tips and tricks” for any chef, amateur or professional, such as: Profboard, Lotus Grill, Henkelman, Julabo, Steak Champ, Victorinox or Helia Smoker.

public personality

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After all, life is about food and love

- one nourishes the body, the other the soul.

And it's good to take time to enjoy both.

He is the kind of ideal chef,

who likes to talk to those he cooks for, to explain what and how he cooked. He doesn’t run away from feedbacks and he wouldn’t have why. He is a chef with 4 published books, full of combinations of tastes and flavors, which belong to him. Among them is the volume “The Kitchen of the Seasons”.

Because Chef Jakob learned from childhood, from his mother, to cook only with seasonal ingredients, fresh, tasty and as natural as possible, out of respect for those he cooks for.

With a highly appreciated public image and a real impact,

he has numerous appearances in the press, with weekly and monthly collaborations with specialized magazines, collaborations with various televisions. He has been present in various shows, gastronomic contests and commercials, as well as “Inedit Chef” or international ones, such as the present commercial of Selgros Germany – “for professionals and lovers of goodies”.

 He presented international recipes for molecular cuisine, being invited as a gastronomy expert in various shows.

And the collaborations don't stop here

He is always open to new projects, meant to support consumers with unique tips, ideas and recipes. Important brands in the retail and culinary field such as Selgros Romania, Eisberg-Iubesc Salatele, Fuchs Condimente, Inedit Bob de Soia or Dr. Oetker Professional, have given him the vote of confidence, currently carrying out successful collaborations on the market.

His human side is strongly drawn by numerous humanitarian actions, when the chef, but especially the “man” Jakob, cooks with great pleasure for ordinary people, for the helpless,  for children, the elderly or for homeless.


Mica Elvetie

Mica Elveție Icoanei, MIca Elveție St. Moritz, Mica Elveție Historical Centre


Blue Gourmet

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