Guided by the unquestionable passion and experience of perfect tastes, Chef Jakob Hausmann, master in culinary art, created exclusively for Blue Air passengers and crews, a variety of menus, made after famous international recipes, but with emphasis on the quality and freshness of Romanian seasonal ingredients, to satisfy any taste and delight your senses.

The aspect, the menu presentation and especially the taste are conclusive

and that’s why Chef Hausmann offers you a wide range of delicious recipes and sauces, with various flavors and colors, which will delight the eye at first, and then the taste buds.

Care and respect are our main values, and not just for our customers, but for the environment too. A responsible approach to the environment is our duty to society and the health of the planet. Thus, all packaging, cutlery and pots used on board are made of recyclable materials.


When we experience the freedom of flight to the blue infinite sky, let’s do it with great taste!


Mica Elvetie

Mica Elvetie Icoanei, MIca Elvetie St. Moritz, Mica Elvetie Historical Centre


Jakob Hausmann