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21 years ago, Chef Jakob Hausmann opened Mica Elveție Restaurant for his birthday, and since then he has been bringing the culinary excellence in the Capital, together with his wife Crenguța.

“I am happy that all my work is appreciated by customers and that all this time has meant for me a real culinary adventure for satisfying the tastes of customers and friends, at the same time, which have been stepping into my Restaurant, for so long,” says Jakob Hausmann.

Culinary indulgence on board of Blue Air plane,
by Chef Jakob Hausmann

BlUE Gourmet

How do you like your food? Slightly salty, sweeter, slightly bitter, or even a little sour? Maybe all in one meal.

How should be like the food you eat during a flight?

“Umami”, would answer a true connoisseur, or better saying, tasty and pleasantly. Umami is not really a basic taste, but could be defined as the term that should characterize the food served during the flights.

"Every meal has a recipe, FEW SKILLS, A BIT OF GOODWILL and LOVE TO FEEL"

- Jakob Hausmann